As Christians we recognize the immense importance of forgiving. We know that we have been forgiven, that the ransom has been paid at extremely high cost to rid us of our sins, debts or trespasses. We are commanded to love. We can’t both love and harbor the bitterness of unforgiveness toward the same person in our hearts. I recently wrote about the cost of forgiveness and how it is borne by the person who does the forgiving. (Who bears the cost of forgiveness?)

Sometimes we confuse forgiveness with reconciliation. To reconcile is to restore friendly relations or harmony. Forgiveness and reconciliation are not one and the same. While we cannot have true reconciliation without forgiveness, we can forgive without achieving reconciliation.

It only takes one to forgive

When we forgive we wipe away the sin, debt or trespass. It is no longer owed. That doesn’t mean there is no cost…

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