The Daily Bible Plan

Daily Bible Reading – 1 Chronicles 14,15; Psalm 132; Matthew 18

Today’s Key Passage – Matthew 18:21-35


In today’s key passage, Jesus teaches us about having an unforgiving attitude.  Peter asks Jesus how many times he needs to forgive someone who has sinned against him, and then he offers up his own possible answer of seven times.  Before we move on, we need to understand this in the context of the day.  Jewish law mandated that you must forgive another person three times, so when Peter offered up the answer of seven times he probably believed he was being very generous with his forgiveness.  He was likely expecting Jesus to commend him on his answer, but instead Jesus told Peter that he should forgive his brother seventy-seven times.  (Note that some translations say seven times seventy times or 490 times total, but the point Jesus is making is that…

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